Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Indians in Canada get a Airtel CallHome service from Bharti Airtel

Indians in Canada now get a chance to connect to their homes via Bharti Airtel. One of the leading services in India, Bharti Airtel has unveiled a ‘Airtel CallHome' for the Non Resident Indians and students abroad.

David Nishball, President, Enterprise Services, Bharti Airtel Ltd., said, 'We are excited to launch the Airtel CallHome service in Canada after our successful foray in three international markets. With the large NRI population, Canada is a strategic market for us and we see great potential here. According to industry estimates, the total outgoing traffic to India from Canada is around
180 million minutes per month of whiAirtel Launches ‘Airtel CallHome' Virtual Calling Card Svc in Canadach 60 million minutes is through calling cards.'

As per Airtel CallHome service, Indians in Canada can call back home at the charges of 5.9 cents per minute on a toll-free access. There is also an inaugural offer which provides 50 percent free talk time which makes the calling charges as 3.9 cents per minute mobile to mobile. Also, the subscribers can call countries (enlisted on the Airtel CallHome web site) other than India.

Customers interested in the service have to log on at and create a personal account. After creating the account the subscribers will get a PIN to commence their service. The service is available 24×7. The online account enables the users to view their payment history, control usage and have a look at new promotional schemes every time.

Subscribers can register 10 telephone numbers for outgoing calls in Canada. Users can later configure upto 50 Indian numbers that they call up frequently and save them as short code for Easy Dial feature. Also with the help of the Speed Dial feature on their handsets, user can connect to their friends and families by just pressing two buttons.

Also available with the service are other offers like the Astro chat and Friends Chat. Users get a personalized consultation to an astrologer in India fro 49 cents per minute and 39 cents per minute of calling charges on the Friends Chat.

The service is exclusively offered to prepaid customers and the payments for the service can also be paid via the credit card via the web portal. The users can recharge their calling accounts with top-ups even using an Indian credit from India as well.

The Airtel Call Home service is already available in UK, US and Singapore. 

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